Your need, our solution
Mosquitoes are both a nuisance as well as a health threat. They can ruin your entire summer if they hold you hostage inside your home, afraid to come outside. With the threat of things like West Nile Virus, among other diseases they carry, mosquitoes can quite simply be scary to have around. Our mosquito control program will place a barrier of microscopic materials around the outside of your home and the perimeter of your yard to kill mosquitoes that try to take up residence nearby.

We use materials that will cling to the surfaces mosquitoes hide on during the day and stay there until the mosquitoes arrive. By treating these areas, we can significantly reduce the mosquito population that may be living around your home. Our regular treatment program utilizes 6 treatments spaced between April and September to control these pests for the entire season. These treatments, along with recommendations for habitat reduction or standing water treatments, will help you to feel safe in your yard again. Ask us about our regular treatment program, your best bet to keep your yard free of these unwanted guests.