Our Philosophy

WELCOME to the SHAGAR ENTERPRISE Pest Control, Cleaning & Supply Services web site, which we hope, you will find helpful and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information. It's a pleasure to introduce ourselves as Domestic and Industrial Pest Control Operator and Cleaning Service Provider. We give effective disinfestations treatment by modern instruments against Termite ( White Ants ), Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Ants, Flies, Rodent (Rats and Mice), Snakes and all other flying and crawling insects. SHAGAR ENTERPRISE Pest Control Services is one of the leading Pest Control Establishments in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have been providing Domestic and Industrial Pest Control Services and Cleaning Services for the last 12 years in all types of sectors. The key to success in any pest management program is directly dependent upon the quality of the people who deliver the service. SHAGAR ENTERPRISE Pest Control Services has been, and continues to be, a leader within the pest control industry.


Not only do we cover all pests but also specialize in the following:- Contractual Domestic Pest and Termite control services for residential bungalow/Apartments. (Household Preservations) Gaseous and Spray system pest control treatment at competitive price for Offices, warehouses, Godowns, Stores, Record Rooms, Factories, Hotels, Restaurant and all other public and private organizations. Pre-foundation and Post-construction soil treatment against Termite. (Anti-Termites Soil and Wood Preservation) 100% effectiveness guarantee. Cleaning service applying scientific and hygienic methods for clearing sediment disinfection against virus/bacteria and other organisms, removing of sediment and moss by chemicals and scientific methods. At SHAGAR ENTERPRISE Pest Control Services, we continually educate and train our service technicians in the use of the most advanced products and pest management techniques. This training and experience assures you of receiving the highest-quality service.

Our Values

Even while we embark on the roadmap that we have set ourselves, we seek to uphold the values that define the nature of our relationships with each other. Simply put, they are: Integrity: Our desire to stick to our commitments whatever the cost. Excellence: Our continuing drive to be the very best that we can be. People: Pools of talent that is looking for opportunities. We will provide an environment of Leadership and transparency. Customer: Exceeding expectations through win / win solutions. Learning: Constant change is a reality. Our plan is to thrive on it. Community: Our responsibility to build and enrich the community in which we operate.